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Thaddeus Liebert

Thaddeus Liebert received his Master’s in Public Archaeology in 2016 with Dr. Bruce Huckell at the University of New Mexico. He has worked on numerous projects throughout the west, with a specific interest in hunter-gatherer archaeology in the southwest. Thaddeus has extensive experience recording and/or excavating high elevation Ute and Apache hunting camps as well as Archaic and Paleoindian sites spanning southern Arizona and New Mexico to the Great Basin and Northern Plains. These undertakings have resulted in numerous CRM reports and academic pieces. His most recent misadventures with the Office of Contract Archeology at the University of New Mexico have consisted of numerous surveys within the Middle Rio Grande Valley and the Valles Caldera; as well as the documentation of Archaic and Paleoindian occupations in the Southern Tularosa Basin.

Thaddeus Liebert

The Historic Taos Inn

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