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Susan Gilbertson

Susan Gilbertson is a Clinical Social Worker living and working in Durham, NC. In the early 1980s, she had a life-changing experience when she lived on the Mexico/US border for four years. After graduate school at UNC-Chapel Hill, Susan took a position with Catholic Charities as Regional Director, where she worked for the next 25 years. During that time she came to know many immigrant families. In the mid-1980s Durham, like other communities, was not prepared for the influx of Spanish-speaking families moving into the city. Susan and many others were involved in community meetings with banks, health care institutions, public schools, libraries, city departments and other institutions to assist in planning for changing our communities’ infrastructure to improve services for all people in Durham. In the 1990s, Susan was part of a team that founded “El Centro Hispano”, a non-profit in Durham, which has grown to become the largest Latino Center in NC. She loves to sing and has sung at fund raisers with local non-profits who work with Spanish-speaking families. She has been a member of the Church of Reconciliation, a Presbyterian church in Chapel Hill, NC, for 31 years.

Susan Gilbertson

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