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Steve Roache

Estaban Roache has been a ceramic artist and teacher for 38 years, graduating in 1982 with an MFA from the University of Washington. In 1983, he established ARUBA Pottery & Tileworks to promote the use of clay as a creative and therapeutic outlet for all ages and abilities. Estaban mentors children, adults and seniors in pottery, tile making and sculpture guiding them to stay connected with their unique imagination.  He believes dreams guide us and contain “images” that we can embody through the clay. It is this relationship with “psyche” and our creative imagination that helps us navigate the world. Estaban’s sculpture is inspired by dreams and the dream images that come forward working from the place of not-knowing and allowing the ego to step aside.

Currently, Estaban is enrolled at Pacifica Graduate Institute in a certification program in Dream Tending. He lives with his wife, Renee, and son, Rowan, in a co-housing community on Vashon Island in Puget Sound. They raise chickens, sheep, bees and farm collectively.

Steve Roache

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