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Rourke McDermott

Rourke McDermott is founder of the Nonprofit, Earth Living Skills School (ELSS) and Lead Program Manager and Instructor at ELSS. At an early age Rourke understood the spiritual gifts of Nature and the Earth, he explored this understanding with tenacity and focus, earning the Eagle Scout award including an additional 3 eagle palms, at the young age of 15. Rourke has lived with the Navajo people for 2 years learning about their spiritual philosophy and belief principles and practices, he has studied many different Earth-based spiritual practices and medicine ways. In addition to, Rourke has intensively studied primitive and traditional skills for the last 10 years and has taught and inspired over 1,300 students. He has performed numerous workshops, courses, lectures and demonstrations regarding primitive skills, ancient wisdoms, wilderness survival principles and practices and spiritual and awareness retreats. The following is a list of institutions and organizations in which he has been privileged to teach, share and instruct for;

Rourke McDermott

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