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Rose Irelan

Rose Irelan, Contemporary Impressionist Artist residing in Poway, CA. Rose attended the Columbus College of Art and Design, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Illustration and minoring in Fine Art. 
For more than a decade Rose has painted outdoors en plein air.  Her paintings of the mountains, and seascapes of the West are immersed with the elements of the natural world. She paints to portray honesty, spirit and beauty and to convey the feeling of a “moment in time” that transcends pure representation and becomes artistic expression. From many years of painting studies from life (not photographs) she has developed much knowledge and understanding about how color is affected by light. This direct type of painting contributes to her bold energetic and expressive brushstrokes and has been instrumental to her sensitive and vibrant use of color and light that has become a signature of her work.
“I paint to express feelings beyond words…to capture the awe and the beauty of the moment and to illuminate a deeper spirit in nature. I am especially inspired to capture Nature’s rich and rugged displays of light, color and beauty in my work. I want my paintings to convey the entire experience of the wind, the sea, the skies and the terrain and to portray the poignancy of each day on Earth.  My intention is to convey that deep connection to the beauty of our natural world and to share a touching moment of life that is beyond words. This is why I paint.” —Rose Irelan
After a 20 year career as a graphic designer and art director, Rose felt the desire to share her passion of art and opened her own art school in 2002, RoseArt Atelier, to provide art instruction in painting and drawing to children, teens and adults.  Along with teaching at her school, and her painting, she also conducts retreat workshops for plein air painting in Baja and other locations around the world.
Rose Irelan

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