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Rebeka Wrye

Rebekah Wrye is an artist, storyteller, educator and naturalist. Living in the South, she first encountered gourds as birdhouses, but soon discovered their deep cultural history with roots that reach back to early civilizations across the world. Fascinated, she explored traditional gourd craft and began to create, collect, grow and teach about gourds. With a formal background in art, graduating from Appalachian State University and East Carolina University, she also works with mixed media, painting, photography and fibers. Fusing a fine art background with a life-long interest in natural science and folklore, gourds became her perfect medium for narrative expression. An art educator for 21 years, she is a National Board Certified teacher, member of the American Gourd Society, and has taught in workshops, universities and the North Carolina public school system. She strives to catalyze curiosity, creativity and expression among her students while ensuring that an ancient art form continues to live on.

Rebeka Wrye

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