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Paul W. Jacob

Paul W. Jacob (Jake) is an author, college professor, scholar of world religions, and a contemplative guide. He facilitates contemplative retreats and leads spiritual formation groups at centers throughout the United States.

Jake has been a writer-in-residence for the Stony Point Multi-Faith Center in New York, the Grunewald Guild in Washington state, the InsideOut Literary Arts Project in Detroit, and at La Serrania in Spain. A featured guest on several regional NPR programs and college radio shows, his books have been published by presses in the U.S. and Canada; titles include Blue Collar NomadNomadic DevotionFalling onto the Ground, and A Wandering Train to Now.

Jake is a faculty member of the English Department at Lake Washington Institute of Technology and teaches in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Washington.

Find out more about his work at:

Paul W. Jacob

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