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Meredith Rawls

Meredith Rawls is an astronomer from the Pacific Northwest who is completing her Astronomy PhD at New Mexico State University in 2016. She believes everyone deserves the opportunity to reconnect with the night sky. Meredith also holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Physics and Astronomy from Harvey Mudd College and San Diego State University, respectively. Retreats and summer camps have held a special place in Meredith‘s heart since a young age. As a “cradle Episcopalian,” she grew up attending Camp Cross on Lake Coeur d’Alene in Idaho, and was thrilled to discover Ghost Ranch during her stint in the Southwest. One of Meredith‘s favorite topics in astronomy is binary stars: distant points of light that are secretly not one star, but two, locked in an intricate celestial dance. Outside of astronomy, Meredith enjoys playing viola, writing, traveling, hiking, interfaith dialogues, and advocating for equity and inclusion.

Meredith Rawls

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