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Martha Romero

Martha Romero, Kwahtenbay (Rainbow), is from the Pueblo of Nambe. Her mother Rose Alice Garcia-Baca was a creative force in her life and she learned many art forms from her including; jewelry making, pottery making and storytelling. From that creative role modeling and her work with pottery, Martha took up bead work as a young woman. She became a single parent of three young boys, one of which she lost to suicide. In her healing she began writing, which became one of her great passions.

She retired from State Government and during those working years her heart was always called by Mother Clay. She knew without a doubt, that she would immerse herself in clay once she had the time needed. For close to ten years now she has studied and become part of a community at Poeh Cultural Center. Some of the Pottery Masters she has worked with are Clarence Cruz, Pamela Lujan-Hauer and Michael Bancroft.
She is now a teacher with the Nambe Pueblo’s “Expressions through Art Group.” It is very important to her to keep traditional pottery making going in her Pueblo and so she works with other tribal members, in particular children. And because she learned about the clay as a young child she believes that a true potter will come to know it. In addition, she has worked with School of American Research (SAR) to teach children about the clay.

The utilitarian and functional aspect of pottery is very important to her, so she demonstrates cooking and caring for micaceous bean pots and other functional pieces both at home, and at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.

She has won ribbons at the New Mexico State Fair. She has shown her work at the SWAIA Indian Market, The Heard Guild Indian Market and the Museum of Indian Arts and Cultural Native Treasures Art Show.

Martha Romero


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