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Marsha Thole

Marsha Thole, a graduate of the Specialty Tea Institute (STI, a division of the TeaUSA Association), is a certified tea specialist. Originally from Minnesota and now living in New Mexico, she is a retired Air Force officer and Vietnam veteran. She was stationed in tea-drinking countries, and has visited a dozen tea estates and factories in Asia to enhance her knowledge of the most widely drunk beverage behind water. “The first time I had a cup of walnut green tea, I thought I was being transported to another world. The taste was unbelievable and just drinking it made me experience a calm and quiet I had not known.” Marsha is on a mission to educate others about tea, from its romance to its mysteries, including its health benefits. Tea has often been called the ultimate antidepressant. Tea asks us to stop and listen and, when you do, you will find joy in life. Besides writing online as the Albuquerque Tea Examiner, she gives classes on various aspects of tea, especially tea and health, and is pleased to be presenting at Ghost Ranch for the first time.

Marsha Thole

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