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Mark Schumann

Mark first picked up a camera as a ninth-grader in 1972 photographing sports and other events for the local newspaper. After college, he pursued a career in journalism working for several newspapers around Florida. He later ventured into wedding and portrait photography and ultimately fell in love with photographing landscapes, wildlife, and more recently urban and street photography.

For the past three years, Mark has been working on a personal project documenting homelessness in America. The work will be published as a book titled, “Homeless in a Land of Plenty,” and will include 30 brief narratives and some 200 images made in more than 70 cities and towns across the country.

After years of visiting and admiring the southwestern landscapes, culture, and people, Mark and his wife, Cheri, moved from Vero Beach, Florida to Santa Fe, New Mexico in June of 2014 . When he’s not photographing, Mark enjoys hiking through the landscape with his wife.

Mark is the proud father of two daughters: one is a chef in Portland, Maine and the other is a Creative Consultant in Chicago, Illinois. He is also the proud parent of four wonderful canines: a doberman, a doberman-boxer, a lab-chao, and a shitzu, all of whom also enjoy hiking.

Mark Schumann

Española Valley Fiber Arts Center

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