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Marc Hudson

Marc Hudson says, “I am in awe of clay’s ability to be malleable and supple, yet in the presence of local metamorphism (the heat of fire or an electric kiln), clay takes on some of the qualities of stone and may endure for centuries, even millennia. It is with great caution that a clay piece is consigned to the high heat of the kiln, as it should represent ones best work that day. Each ceramic piece is a glimpse into the creative mind and technical expertise of the potter, that is, each piece is a snapshot in the life album of the clay artist. And tomorrow is a new day in the studio!”

Fascinated by pottery and ceramics from around the world at an early age, Marc began an informal education in clay in the early 1970’s in on-base craft shops while he was stationed at various army bases. At Ft. Wainwright, Alaska, he had access to university courses and a fully functioning ceramic studio thus beginning my avocation in clay arts.

Upon returning to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1974, Marc attended a local technical-vocational school and so began a second, parallel career in engineering technical graphic design, which proved to be an excellent way to support my family. At the same time, he took on a job as production potter with Evangel Pottery, galvanizing my passion in clay arts.

“An electric kiln, triple beam gram scale and eventually 4”, wall-mounted extruder rounded out the tools of my trade, all of which have served me well. Each time I open the kiln, I am surprised, thrilled, occasionally mystified, but always my clay work is a centering, learning, and inquisitive experience.”

Bon Appétit!  Marc

Marc Hudson

The Historic Taos Inn
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