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Lynda Reeves McIntyre

Lynda Reeves McIntyre was trained as a painter and a dancer at the University of Massachusetts, Hunter College and Yale University. She holds a Doctorate in Aesthetics. She weaves her training in painting, dance, Buddhist study and aesthetics into her teaching. McIntyre had her first major show in New York at 21.  She has since received numerous awards including those from the NEA, the MacDowell Foundation, the JFK Center, the ICCE, the VCCA   and the Getty Foundation.  She has been awarded art fellowships abroad to Australia, the former Soviet Union, China, Cuba,Vietnam, Bhutan, Mexico and Italy where she teaches painting in the summers. Her work is shown throughout the U.S, Europe and the Pacific Rim. Her works are held in corporate and private collections in the U.S, Europe and Australia. McIntyre is a Studio Art Professor and  formerly the Chairman of the University of Vermont Department of Art and Art History.

McIntyre is a painter whose acrylic and watercolor works find their sources in personal, visceral and visual experiences. McIntyre often works outside, backpacking to sites in all weather conditions, taking notes from ocean, desert, and mountain and built environments. Many of her newer works find their inspiration in the sensuous liquidity of the sea, surfacing toward the sun, toward “the light,” arising beneath a wash of azure.  Some paintings are poured onto canvas and cotton and worked with one’s hands as if swimming or dancing in the sea. Other recent works examine the changing dynamic tension between airs, sea and sky whether it be raw craggy cliffs clawing at a viciously blue desert sky or an ominous yet gentle glow at the water’s surface before a storm at sea.  McIntyre focuses on visceral transitions but her clues may be as subtle as a cast of light crossing a rock face.

In a recent television interview McIntyre stated, “The actual visceral experience combined with the energy of the land is what I attempt to project and provoke in the viewer. At this time all of my work is a continuation of my personal exploration and participation in the compelling spiritual qualities of nature.  I realize that I delight in exploring the stillness, the power, the surprise, the disquieting edge and the accepting humor of this world. My love of gesture, light, color, layering, history, change and growth combine in the physical, emotional and for me spiritual act of painting.”

Of her recent works U.S. critics have said, “ She dances with paint.” “Delicious color, eloquent gesture and luxuriant talent radiate from these paintings.” “ A sensuous feast.”

European critics have said, “Sensuous, subtle. Intimate paintings that sometimes slap you in the face but more often caress.” “Revealing spiritual and artistic brilliance.” “This show inspires joy and surprise.”

Lynda Reeves McIntyre

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