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Lucy Clark

Lucy Clark is an award winning, hand build ceramic artist who utilizes the coil method. She studied with a master potter in St. Augustine, Florida, beginning in 2009. After almost 20 years as a Massage Therapist, Lucy had honed the sensitivity in her hands. She was able to take what she learned from working with soft tissue and transfer that into smoothing out the clay. Each coil is sculpted into the piece using a few simple tools. No glazes are used in her work – she rubs the clay with a quartz stone to achieve the smooth sheen and fire the pieces in a kiln, pulling them out at 1000 degrees and placing them in sawdust or horsehair to bring forth the finished color and effect. All of her pieces, whether they are sculptural in nature or simple bowls and pendants, are made in this time-honored tradition.

One of the greatest lessons clay has taught Lucy is how to be in the flow and let go of control. Lucy states, “With clay, it tells ME what to do. I may start with an intention, but it is very rarely what I end up with. When I truly let go, I can create beauty. It flows from the very essence of my being.”

In addition to building vessels, Lucy has expanded into ceramic wall sculptures and jewelry in the past few years as well as being an aspiring photographer. Her passion for mixed media has grown and she enjoys encompassing each medium into a cohesive vision of beauty. On her latest visit to Ghost Ranch, she came away with inspiration for a new series of ceramic wall masks that came from her own need for a Vision Quest. It is through this space and time that she is able to evolve as an artist.
Her intention with her chosen medium of hand built pottery is simple; to allow the eye of the beholder to experience the movement and beauty in each piece that she creates.

Lucy Clark

David Michael Kennedy Photography

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