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Lauren Tietz

Lauren Tietz is a dancer, teacher, sound maker and filmmaker based in Austin TX.

As an artist and healing arts practitioner who loves to uncover the intelligence of the body – its nuance, poetry and wise council. She savors this relationship of body to language – of inner to outer.

She honors the body’s expression of movement and dance arts as our birthright and it is with joy that she shares this work with people of every age, gender and experience level.

Lauren’s approach to facilitating Authentic Movement and dance workshops is rooted in her daily meditation practice as well as her lifetime exploration of movement arts and embodiment ranging from qi gong & kung fu to yoga & pilates to dance therapy practices and contemporary dance studies.

Over the years her collaborations with other artists, teachers and healers has spanned artistic mediums and geography. Some of these collaborators include: Alicia Grayson, Rebecca Pierik, Brandon Gonzalez, Travis Weller, Julie Nathanielsz and Jason Traweek.

Lauren is currently working on a new dance film called Daven Dowse,  movement portraits of dancers filmed in wild landscapes.

Lauren Tietz


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