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Kay Lindahl

Kay Lindahl has been described as an inspired presence with passionate energy. For the past twenty years the daily practice of Centering Prayer has been transforming her life. She founded The Listening Center with the mission of exploring the sacred nature of listening. Kay conducts workshops and retreats on listening as a spiritual practice. She is a Certified Listening Professional.

According to Kay, “The cultural and religious diversity of our communities calls for a way of listening that transcends words and belief systems. Learning to truly listen to one another is the beginning of new understanding and compassion, which deepens and broadens our sense of community.”

Kay is the author of The Sacred Art of Listening, Practicing the Sacred Art of Listening and How Does God Listen? published by SkyLight Paths Publishing, The Art of Dialogue and Centering Prayer in The Diversity of Centering Prayer, published by Continuum Press and Listening in In Times Like These, published by Church Publishing Incorporated. She also co-edited Women, Spirituality and Transformative Leadership: Where Grace Meets Power published by SkyLight Paths Publishing.

Kay Lindahl

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