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Julie Barnes

Julie Barnes is a woman of faith whose relationship with the Divine is at the core of how she relates to the world. She has found much healing by opening to God’s presence in the wilderness, and her draw to create space for others to do the same took her first to Alaska, then to Divinity school, and most recently to training in Spiritual Direction. Along the way, Julie received an MDiv from SFTS and a Masters in Christian Spirituality from the Graduate Theological Union where she focused on how spiritual practices can affect one’s capacity to transform trauma. Julie also holds a BA in Anthropology from Bowdoin College

Julie loves partnering with others in their spiritual lives. She finds herself doing that work at several different venues. Julie works with churches as she partners with them to preach, teach and create wilderness programs. At Marin Academy, she teaches comparative religion, directs the wilderness outings program and leads contemplative backpacking trips and Vision Quests. At Ghost Ranch Education and Retreat Center in New Mexico, she teaches classes and guides trips centered on opening to the Divine in the wilderness.

Ever deepening her personal journey with God, Julie is humbled and continually amazed by the ways the Divine manifests in this world to work with us to create places of healing, nourishment, and transformation.

Julie Barnes

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