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Joseph Brophy Toledo

Joseph Brophy Toledo, Medicine-man, Healer, Spiritual leader, Storyteller, Herbalist and a member of the Pueblo of Jemez. He has served in the capacity as a healer and spiritual leader to the pueblo and non-native communities for over 4 decades now. His insights, knowledge and experience guide him to speak truth and wisdom that is much needed for our times. He is the keeper of ancient spiritual stories and history, He believes that we are all Earth People and that now is our time to come together to learn from and share with each other. He has worked with numerous indigenous youth groups, his is an adjunct instructor for IAIA, he has worked for as a creative consultant for Robert Mirabal Productions, he has served on the Native American Global Sports Committee, and has been instrumental in various international indigenous projects such as Pueblo Pathways Project and he has traveled to Mexico, Canada and Africa as a First Nations representative for Earth healing and environmental conferences and efforts.

Brophy has the distinction of being the first Pueblo Governor to lead Indian Country to become members of the U.S. Olympic Committee. Known for his spiritual and traditional insight and intuitiveness, coupled with his knowledge of healing herbs and his balance approach to life and his ability to lead meditations and play the role of a spiritual guide, makes him an amazing instructor and spiritual guide.

Joseph Brophy Toledo

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