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Jim Reale

Jim Reale has been teaching contemplative practices since 1995. He first traveled to India in 1996 and has returned there on numerous occasions to continue his studies integrating eastern wisdom practices into western spirituality. Within the last ten years, he has taught at national conferences with Richard Rohr, Thomas Keating and James Finley all of whom are pioneers in the field of Christian prayer and meditation.Jim’s approach to prayer is holistic incorporating movement, breath, Christian chant, intention and attention as a way to pray to the Divine with our whole being before entering a period of and stillness and silence.He sees his mission as teaching contemplative practices as a way of linking with the Sacred.He has composed and published his first CD entitled, Doorway to Devotion. Jim is also featured on the DVD Jesus and Buddha Paths to Awakeningwith Fr. Richard Rohr and James Finley.Jim is a Registered Nurse and has practiced medicine in the areas of oncology and hospice.In addition, Jim has completed a 1000-hour yoga therapy program sponsored by the Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation in Chennai, India. He is currently the director of Southwest Yoga Care in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Jim Reale

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