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Jesse Fisher

Jesse is a life-timer of the ranch, having visited every summer for several weeks since he was 6 months old. Growing up through the youth program has transformed Jesse’s world views and passions, one of which involves investing time in the ranch. Following the playful days of youth programming, Jesse did the Summer College Staff program as a youth programmer for four years, from 2012-2015, where most of his passion for the ranch and its people manifested. In 2017 he worked for the summer as Communications Coordinator, which mainly focused on capturing the stories of Ghost Ranch through digital media. Most recently, Jesse has assisted and led outdoor adventure programs and history tours for visiting school groups and adults.

Jesse’s deep love and experience for Ghost Ranch is hard to find in a 26 year old. Being immersed in the landscape has left him yearning for more adventures, and allows his knowledge of the ‘hidden gems’ of the place to be un-matched. In his years of learning about the history, culture(s), and land, Jesse’s knowledge will permeate through any activity!

Jesse Fisher

The Historic Taos Inn

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