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Jeffrey Dean

Jeffrey S. Dean is Emeritus Professor of Dendrochronology in the Laboratory of Tree-Ring at the University of Arizona, Tucson. His long-term research interests include dendroarchaeology, archaeological chronometry, paleoenvironmental reconstruction, human-environment interaction, and the archaeology of the American Southwest.

Specific research includes dendroarchaeological studies of:

  • Anasazi sites of Tsegi Canyon, Mesa Verde, and Chaco Canyon
  • Navajo sites of Black Mesa, the Defiance Plateau, and Dinétah
  • the modern Pueblos of Acoma, Zuni, and Walpi, and Casas Grandes
  • the Regional Southwest Paleoclimate Project and localized dendroclimatic reconstructions for the Tsegi, Mesa Verde, Zuni, Black Mesa, Silver Creek, Grasshopper, and Rio Grande areas
  • the Long House Valley Archaeological Survey
  • the Artificial Anasazi Agent-Based Model
  • the Southwestern Archaeological Research Group (SARG)
  • the Colorado Old Wood Project
Jeffrey Dean

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