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Jacqueline Kocer

Jacqueline Kocer is a native New Mexican with interests both in the American Southwest and the Great Plains. Working under the direction of Dr. Patricia Crown she received her Master’s from the University of New Mexico in 2014 and is currently working on her Doctoral research on Gallina (A.D. 1100-1300) ceramic production practices in northwestern New Mexico. Her interests have focused on projectile points, faunal remain and diagnostic material remains from Gallina sites, presently curated in numerous New Mexico museum collections. Jacque has archaeological survey and mapping experience in Chaco Canyon and had the opportunity to excavate Room 28 in Pueblo Bonito. Jacque is also an enrolled member of the Oglala Lakota Nation and has worked on Plains Village Tradition sites near Pine Ridge. Also on the Northern Plains, Kocer has worked on a Clovis cache site in southwestern North Dakota with Dr. Bruce Huckell. Recently, Jacque has conducted extensive excavations at the Hartley Mammoth site, documenting, and allowing for the preservation of multiple Columbian mammoth specimens.

Jacqueline Kocer

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