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Flo Yepa

Florence (Flo) Yepa is a teacher, healer, and artist from the New Mexico Jemez Springs Pueblo. Born in old Laguna Pueblo West of Albuquerque, her father is full-blooded Laguna. When Flo was 16 years old she moved to her mother’s pueblo of Jemez, north of Albuquerque. Flo’s Laguna Indian name is “New Earth” and her Jemez Pueblo name is “Painted Shawl,” blending within her life experience  two unique and complimentary Pueblo cultures. As a potter, Flo collects her clay in ceremony, with prayer in her heart, gratitude to Creator, and an offering to Mother Earth. All of the pottery designs are hand-painted and fired by Flo and Sal.
Flo is willing to teach and talk to anyone interested in what she knows in and of her traditional ways. Together, Flo and Sal represent the Sun and Fire clans. All who share and experience time with Flo and Sal all become family.
Flo Yepa

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