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Felipe Ortega

Felipe Ortega was born in Northern New Mexico in the village of La Madera in 1951. His ancestry is both Jicarilla Apache and Hispanic (crypto-Jew). He studied Theology at Oblate College of the SW in San Antonio, TX and was shy of 2 month to diaconate ordination. He learned Jicarilla Pottery Tradition from Jesucita Martinez prior to entering the seminary and then after he left seminary continued with pottery making. He has been a full time potter since 1988. Felipe has taught pottery making since 1978 under the auspices of Ghost Ranch both in Abiquiu and La Madera, and then at Ghost Ranch beginning in 1982. He has been credited with having revived the Micaceous Clay Bean Pot from extinction within his own Jicarilla Apache tribe and consequently with other micaceous clay potters from various tribes. He has taught approximately 12,000 students since 1978 and many are successful artist in their own right. Marc who will co-teach with Felipe begin his apprenticeship with me in 2000 while he and his family were lifeguarding at Ghost Ranch. Both show their wares at Café Pasqual in Santa Fe.

Felipe Ortega

Abiquiu Inn

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