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Carol Stalcup

Dr. Carol Stalcup is a lover of words, dreams and journeys, a storyteller who creates safe spaces for others to narrate the stories of their lives. She has practiced the art and science of psychology for over 30 years, as well as serving as a spiritual director and workshop/retreat leader. Daily inspired by the resilience that people bring to their life challenges, for the past decade she has focused her teaching and writing on the connections between creativity and spirituality. As a psychologist Carol focuses on Positive Psychology, the enhancement of positive traits and emotions, authentic happiness and psychological well-being. Through writing and art-making she is actively engaged in the creative process as both wellness practice and spiritual discipline. Author of two blogs, Carol has written two books of essays and photography, Reflective Surfaces: Curiosity and Creativity and Live in Harmony:Notes on Daily Peace. As host of the Internet radio series, “Stargazing Stories”, Carol interviewed artists, authors, spiritual directors and others on their creative lives, exploring everyday creativity as well as the Source of their passion and commitment to particular forms of expression. Visit her website

Carol Stalcup

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