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David Young

David Young was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, where he spent long southern summers wading in neighborhood creeks.
He attended Duke University and the University of Vermont, where he was enrolled in the Environmental Studies program.
After graduation, wanderlust took hold and he traveled to the West Coast, eventually settling in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, his roots in the East proved too strong to sever, so he pulled up stakes and moved to New York City.
For twenty years he worked in audio-visual production and public relations, until nature’s pull was felt once again. For the past fifteen years he has worked as a landscape gardener, creating oases in the urban environment and serving as groundskeeper for a private estate in New Jersey.
In 2005 he began experimenting with digital photography. The immediate feedback catapulted him to new levels as a photographer, giving him free rein to experiment and explore. The recurring theme of nature has pulled focus once more as he returns to the forests and streams of his youth with camera in hand. You might say the prodigal son has waded home.

David Young

The Historic Taos Inn

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