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David Kadlec

David Kadlec has been a fine art and professional photographer and curator of contemporary art since 1972. In this work, he has instructed emerging photographers in their work and served as an educator about artworks in private, public and corporate collections. His photographs have exhibited regionally and nationally. He curated at contemporary galleries in Indianapolis and Columbus, Indiana. As a firm believer in ongoing education and pursuing one’s passions, he received his Therapeutic Massage Certification from IUPUI and studied leadership with the Gestalt Institute, Zarvos Coaching, and the Integral Institute. One of David’s core artistic explorations in his work involves the camera’s ability to record images that the human eye cannot see. He employs techniques ranging from home-made cameras, pinhole photography, extreme time exposure, light painting, segmented exposure and digital assembly in pursuit of this “camera vision.” The camera, like our human eye, renders a straightforward recording of the reality before it. The camera departs from our human seeing significantly through the visual record accumulated during the exposure time. David feels a similarity in this abstracted camera vision to the visual content of our dreams. Both kinds of seeing are grounded in visual realism but are freed up by our subconscious state or the accumulated seeing nature of the camera. In this way, the camera becomes a bridge to link our rich dreaming visuals to our awake life.

David Kadlec

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