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Bob Kanegis

Storyteller and Story Coach Bob Kanegis lives by Vine DeLoria’s admonition,”to be related somehow to everyone you meet.” For the past 25+ years he has led a life immersed in story- teaching,telling and coaching. Bob believes that everyone has two big stories to tell- The Story of Me and The Story of We, and by exploring those stories can build a strong foundation for themselves and a good relationship with each other and the earth. As a founder of Tales & Trails Storytelling, Bob has traveled the country, as a performer, workshop leader and “Ambassador to the Realm of Possibilities. In his role as Story Coach, Bob focuses on the importance of telling stories skillfully and intentionally; finding right story, for right people, at right time. His reflections on storytelling have been anthologized in publications including Where The Heart Is, The Healing Heart (Families) Tell the World(Storytelling Across Language Barriers, and in articles in Storytelling Magazine. He is a past president of Storytellers of New Mexico and NM state liaison to the National Storytelling Association.

Bob Kanegis

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