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Bill Derrevere

Bill Derrevere is a metalsmith, jeweler and Associate Professor of Art at Tulsa Community College who works primarily in metal – pewter sculptural works as well as silver jewelry. Of pewter, he states, “To work in pewter is to rediscover and reshape traditional techniques for use in making artistic statements which are contemporary and alive. This leads to the invention of new concepts and forms, and to the use of unusual combinations of materials.” As for jewelry making, he says, “I construct a large portion of my jewelry out of sheet or wire. I also cast much jewelry using the lost wax method. I enjoy the manipulation of the metal or the wax because this allows my personal attitude to project from the jewelry. If the metal hasn’t gone beyond what it was when it was purchased from the smelter, then it hasn’t received a new spirit. That spirit is what I hope my abilities as a metalsmith allow my work to convey to anyone who sees it.”

Bill Derrevere

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