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Jeri Burzin

Jeri Burzin says, “Sailing in the Caribbean first sparked my interest in photography. A desire to bring back beautiful images from these trips was my motivation as they were in stark contrast from my NY childhood. I began taking photography workshops in beautiful places such as Yosemite, the White Mountains, Sequoia National Park and Ghost Ranch, and my passion for photography and capturing images has continued to grow.”

Literacy through Photography” workshops at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University taught Jeri about photography as a medium of communication that is exciting to children, which she has integrated into her practice as an educational therapist. 

Her work has been shown at the Ansel Adams Gallery and Yosemite Museum in Yosemite National Park, the Stellar Gallery in Oakhurst and currently at the Yucca Gallery in Old Town Albuquerque, as well as many private collections throughout the country. The desire to capture and celebrate special moments and places has continued to motivate Jeri and her images attempt to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with photography.

Jeri Burzin


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