Heartbeat of Gratitude

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Since 2012, this second Saturday in November has been home to the Heartbeat of Gratitude Gourd Dance at Ghost Ranch. Out of concern and love for the safety and well-being of our Native relatives and guests, we will not be able to gather this year. However, we wanted to share a bit of the story of how this beautiful tradition started through the stories of some of the people who have helped make it happen.

In these times of conflict and division, I hope you will take some time to receive inspiration and wisdom from the fruits of this intertribal and intergenerational gathering. Offer the time as a prayer of healing and unity in our nation and world. When you view the short video of the drummers and dancers, I encourage you to close your eyes and allow the drumbeat and voices to connect with your heartbeat. We are all connected and our collective energy infused with gratitude is a powerful force for change.

In addition to the videos and stories, be sure to scroll down and see the stunning art pieces for sale, a button to let us know if you have interest in attending next year as well as a button to make a Donation which will help preserve this gathering for years to come.

In Gratitude,

Stephen Picha,
Ghost Ranch Education Director

3 Artisans &

3 Unique Opportunities to Support 2021 Heartbeat of Gratitude


Hakani, Ne Shoshana Tabiduah Kee nani ha. I am Newe-Numa (Shoshone-Paiute) from the Duck Valley reservation located in Owyhee, Idaho and also representing the Diné Nation from Shonto, Arizona.

I am 22 years old and I have been sewing for about 5 years now. I sew because I enjoy creating regalia for others as well as making purses, skirts and trying out new things. I have an Instagram dedicated to showing of the items I have created at _newenaivi_. Ashen (Thank you)

Click the “Buy Now” button at right to support Shoshana and next year’s Heartbeat of Gratitude event by purchasing this one-of-a-kind handmade purse, 8″x 10″. $250.00.


My name is Sophilia Ashley, I reside in a small town called Shonto, AZ. Beading has always been apart of my life. My father taught me the basic of how to bead. I started selling my beaded creations for 6 yrs now. I do enjoy beading my creations. I take my time into the details of the design. I get inspired by life around me.

The piece that I made was inspired by a morning drive to my nieces home. The colors of the morning dawn and remembering my youth when my father would pray for all of his grandchildren.

Click the “Buy Now” button at right to support Sophilia and next year’s Heartbeat of Gratitude event by purchasing this one-of-a-kind handmade earring and necklace set. $250.00.


I love making statement earrings and on this piece, I was looking for an arrowhead theme.  Arrowheads has gender.  The female is the pointy oval abs and the Male has the chip sides.  I was looking for balance and protection symbolism.” 

Click the “Buy Now” button (below, right) to support Milford and next year’s Heartbeat of Gratitude event by purchasing these one-of-a-kind handmade earrings. $250.00.

Click here to view Milford’s website.

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