Give to Ghost Ranch Today – a message from Laura Hand

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Dear Ghost Ranch Friend,

During the summers of my youth, mom would kick me out of the house and not let me return until dinner. I had to wash my bare and blackened feet outside before I could come back inside.

I loved the freedom and adventure of being in a time and place safe enough to play my daytime hours away without parental involvement. My children do not have many opportunities to enjoy that luxury; I am sad they don’t have the same experiential learning among peers, a loving community and nature as I did all those summers ago.

This is why Ghost Ranch is special to my family … and yours. It’s a beautiful place tucked away from the chaos of daily living with a loving, creative community that returns every year. I was brought here as a child and now bring my 14-year-old and 11-year-old children every summer to our home away from home.

It brings peace, confidence and a sense of belonging that is beyond words in its value. I barely see them while we’re here; they freely run around the ranch and love every moment. They catch up with all of the Ghost Ranch community, play with friends all over the ranch and relax in the library when couches and quiet are needed. And yes, they must wash their feet before they come in for the evening!

As we all count our end-of-the-year blessings, please consider a gift to Ghost Ranch to support this place that, upon arrival, so many say “feels like coming home.” It takes gifts like yours to provide a safe space, adequate staff and consistent historic preservation of facilities to keep the loving Ghost Ranch community available to all, young and old.

Laura Hand
2019 Youth Programming Coordinator

Your Donation Means So Much at Ghost Ranch!


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