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Fall Photography Programs at Ghost Ranch

“It is all very beautiful and magical here – a quality which cannot be described. You have to live it and breathe it, let the sun bake into you. The skies and the lands are so enormous, and the detail so precise and exquisite that wherever you are you are isolated into a glowing world between the macro and the micro, where everything is sidewise under you and over you, and the clocks stopped long ago.” 
-Ansel Adams, from a letter to Alfred Stieglitz from Abiquiu, New Mexico, September 21, 1937 (Photo: Donna Bearden)

How often have you been inspired by the majesty of a great vista, yet frustrated with the photographic results? You see it and feel it but the final photograph always seems to fall short. Or, do you have people whose faces inspire you and you want to include them in their environment to help tell their story but once again are frustrated by the results? Delve deeply into every aspect of creating masterpiece images. Choose the correct camera equipment and proper settings for your personal vision. Leave fully equipped to handle any situation in your photographic pursuits.  Click Here to Learn More

Fall Colors Galore
Sunday, Sept. 29 – Saturday, Oct. 5
Kent Bowser & John Hayden

Join Kent and John as you search out and capture images in brilliant splashes of color along the canyon floors and mountain tops that herald the advent of fall. Participants will drive and hike to exquisite locations and experience the best of northern New Mexico’s autumn color. The course will highlight digital photography and concentrate on developing/improving each photographer’s skill and experience. All levels of photographic experience are welcomed. Click Here to Learn More

Zen of Photography
Sunday, Oct. 6 – Saturday, Oct. 12
Sandra Kaplan

Part of our Fall Writing and Arts Festival week! Join this foundation class to learn the basics of photography and how to MAKE a photograph, not just TAKE one. Through meditation and silencing the mind, learn to become one with the camera and your surroundings. Learn to “read” light, learn to really see and not just look at the light. Bring your camera, take it off the automatic setting and have a ton of fun. Click Here to Learn More

Autumnal Color and Light in Northern New Mexico
Sunday, Oct. 13 – Saturday, Oct. 19
Kent Bowser & John Hayden
Experience the transforming beauty of autumn in the Piedre Lumbre valley with your eyes and your digital camera. We will travel to different locations to find brilliant colors and inspirational light. Prepare to hike canyons and ridges in pursuit of breathtaking photos. Click Here to Learn More

Black and White Photography and Time
Sunday, Nov. 3 – Friday, Nov. 8
Cheryl Muceus & Kent Bowser
Explore archaeological sites on and near Ghost Ranch with a photographer and archaeologist that have taught together at Ghost Ranch since 1991. Learn to record and photograph sites using Single Lens Reflex cameras, black and white film and then process and print in the Ranch’s darkroom. Rock art, tipi rings, ancestral Puebloan structures and historic Spanish sites will be discussed, explored and photographed. Photo: Kent Bowser Click Here to Learn More


Desert Light: Digital Photography in Color and Black and White
Thursday, Jan. 2 – Monday, Jan. 20
Kent Bowser & John Hayden
Are you ready for the possibilities of a Ghost Ranch photographic adventure fresh into the new year? Explore and experience the natural beauty of the ranch and seldom seen places in northern New Mexico in a course for all who want to craft and hone their photography skills. This is both a field class and a studio class. Participants will hike to absorb many landscapes by day and capture the stars by night. And then, make the most of your images apprenticing in the studio using state of the art techniques to edit and craft images that were coached in the field by the eye, intuition, and perspective of a master teacher and artist. Photo: Tim Crane Click Here to Learn More


From the Trading Post

Ghost Ranch and the Faraway Nearby by Craig Varjabedian 
For more than twenty years, Craig Varjabedian has explored and photographed the red cliffs and sweeping plains of the fabled 21,000-acre Ghost Ranch in northern New Mexico. In Ghost Ranch and the Faraway Nearby, he shares more than one hundred new black-and-white photographs capturing its evanescent light. These images reach into Varjabedian’s singular vision of his subject and its ties to ideas of identity, place and perception. To further illuminate the experience of Ghost Ranch, Varjabedian gathered essays to accompany his photographs, including an “appreciation” of Ghost Ranch written by Georgia O’Keeffe. Click here to buy. 

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