High & Low Challenge Ropes Courses

IMG_1831Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu is pleased to offer outdoor adventure opportunities to our guests. Low and high ropes challenge courses were designed by Sylvia Shirley and built by a group of volunteers from the College of William and Mary in Virginia. What could be more exhilarating than spending time outdoors at Ghost Ranch? Whether you want an adventure to encourage teamwork and problem solving, or to test your own personal limits, opportunities abound at Ghost Ranch. Our outdoor adventures high and low ropes and waterfront programs have been shared with individuals and groups of all ages ranging from young school groups to Elderhostel programs.

For Individuals -See the booking calendar below.
Throughout the summer, join others in an outdoor adventure. Choose from high and low ropes, waterfront and archery (when weather permits). 

For Groups:
For more information and group fees, contact Ben Ahern-Wild, bena@ghostranch.org or 505.322.7470

Low Ropes Challenge Courseropes_balloons3-300x199

On a low ropes challenge course, groups work together to tackle initiatives, games, and elements. Some of these activities are based on physical abilities and skills, but most rely primarily on problem-solving and cognitive skills. As the group moves through various activities, participants are asked to display certain levels of risk, trust, and teamwork. Activities involve the use of dynamic “props” (including bean bags, stuffed toys, hula hoops, blindfolds, and more)! Facilitators will encourage group members to take a step outside their “comfort zone,” because it is our belief that learning arises when individuals challenge themselves to do something beyond their normal limits.

Tower-030High Ropes Challenge Course

When you step onto the course you will immediately be surrounded by numerous challenges suspended by cables and ropes from 50-foot telephone poles. As you look around, you can decide what challenge you will present yourself. Will you traverse a wobbly wooden bridge? Will you stand on top of a pole and jump for a trapeze? Will you enjoy a ride on a giant swing? Perhaps your challenge will be to climb up a pole or climb up a pole and walk out onto a cable. Perhaps you will try these things with a blindfold on. Facilitators will help you choose your challenge, and all elements can be tailored to your level. All participants wear safety harnesses and helmets and are attached to a belay system, or safety ropes, while climbing.

All equipment provided.


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