Community of Companions

<em>”We hold each other, whether gathered or dispersed, in prayer for the life and work of wholeness and healing.”</em> Casa del Sol Community of Companions are a community of people centered in prayer, spiritual friendship, a belief in the oneness of the human family and working for justice, peace and the healing of all creation. The community of nearly 50 companions covenant to: <ul> <li>Unguided retreats providing spectacular space and simple living facilities, leaving time for reflection</li> <li>Pray daily using the prayer of Casa del Sol</li> <li>Return to Casa del Sol every year</li> <li>Support Casa del Sol financially and with volunteer service</li> <li>Carry the vision of Casa del Sol into our homes and communities</li> </ul> At Casa del Sol prayers are offered daily at the rising and setting of the sun. Praying daily, Companions covenant to remember the ministry and the dispersed community in their prayers. Returning annually may be through courses, in individual retreat, or by bringing a small group. An annual gathering of Companions is held in late November/early December to reflect on the community’s life together and to renew the covenant. Financial support is used for programmatic needs, such as scholarships, resident spiritual directors, and to ensure that Casa del Sol is available to all who wish to be there. Are you interested in being a Casa del Sol Companion? Download the  <a title=”Ghost Ranch Casa del Sol Companions Brochure” href=”http://ghostranch.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Casa_del_SolatGR_Bro.pdf”>Companions Brochure</a>

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