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VIRTUAL Writing for Courage, Resilience and Empathy: A Post-Election Women’s Retreat – G201125V

This Virtual Workshop is Full – No matter what happens on election day, we’ll all be asked to bring empathy, courage, and resilience into whatever awaits us next in this time of national and global turmoil. In this retreat, we’ll use a variety of writing techniques to develop what is required of us to move forward with purpose and power.

First, we must face the present moment mindfully and acknowledge the emotions arising within us. Reflective writing is an invaluable tool in this process. Next comes finding our own innate resilience, courage, and empathy, the beacons that will guide us forward, and we’ll do directed writing practices to discover and name the inner resources you already possess. Finally, we have the opportunity to use our voices to speak our truth with clarity and conviction, and writing exercises will embolden you to harness the power to break your own silences.

Whether you’re feeling exhausted and facing burn-out or feeling motivated to voice your convictions and speak your truth, this retreat will offer a safe space to hold the tension of the moment, experience the power of your own words, and find solace within a supportive group of women. Give yourself the tools to respond to this moment with an open heart, ready to bring your authentic self to whatever lies ahead. Embrace your full authority as a woman and be a catalyst for change.

The retreat will include direct focus on craft aspects of writing, group discussions, generative writing exercises, workshop experiences, and plenty of structured time for writing. You will leave having written poetry and prose, and having learned important habits for sustaining a life-giving writing practice at home.

Along with writing, we will use contemplative practices to cultivate awareness, presence, and compassion, all aimed at creating a safe space that will help you to connect deeply with yourself and with others, to hear your own inner voices, and to allow your own words to flow freely.

Each day of this retreat will follow a similar structure, alternating between guided writing exercises, group time for discussions and sharing, personal writing time, and guided contemplative/mindfulness exercises.

No prior writing experience is required. This is a cross-genre course, applicable to any type of writing. Open to all skill levels.

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Thursday, Friday and Saturday, November 12-14
(3) 3-hour sessions
9:00 am-Noon MST
Suggested: $125
+ 30 (to help underwrite) – $155
– $30 (person who needs support) – $95

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  • Kelsea Habecker
    Kelsea Habecker

    Kelsea Habecker is a poet, writer, and teacher. In 2007, her book of poetry, Hollow Out, was selected by U.S. Poet Laureate Charles Simic for publication. For five years, she was a teacher in an Inupiaq Eskimo village in the arctic region of Alaska, where she used writing as a form of self-awareness for high school students. She earned her MFA in poetry from Bennington Writing Seminars and her BA from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College. She teaches graduate writing courses as well as community poetry classes in Seattle, WA.


Nov 12 - 14 2020


9:00 am - 12:00 pm


$125 (+/-$30 scholarship support - optional)

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