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Stones & Bones – Archaeological Excavation – G2007218

Become part of our on-going archaeological research program, Stones & Bones – Archaeology, as we continue excavation of GR-145, a rock shelter used by hunters and gatherers as early as 3000 year ago. Unearth bone tools, axes, points and fire pits. Learn proper cleaning, preparation, classification, cataloguing and storage of curated artifacts. Whether you work in the field under shade or help in the lab to preserve and label the artifacts, participants contribute to the overall growing body of knowledge about the people who came before us. Evening lectures, discussions and short excursions are included. 10% discount for those who sign up for both weeks.
Please note that our workshop price structure packages your tuition, course materials, lodging and meals together in a single rate.

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During this Covid-19 Pandemic Period, full refunds will be given as requested for workshops scheduled through May. This period may be extended or refunds considered per request. Please consider leaving your funds on deposit for another Ghost Ranch workshop or future stay. Or, consider donating a portion to help us through this unique business period.

Traditional Policy: Written notification must be received no later than 45 days prior to the start date of your workshop in order to receive a refund, minus a $100 processing charge. No refunds will be processed after that time. We reserve the right to announce a change in leadership or cancel any program 45 days prior to the first day of the workshop. In that event, you may transfer to another workshop without charge or we will refund the full workshop payment. Many participants have found it helpful to purchase travel insurance. This cancellation policy does not apply to January Term – see below.

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What day/time does the workshop start and end?

 Workshops always begin with check-in at 3:00 p.m. and a ranch orientation in the evening on the first date listed for the course and end at 10:00 a.m. with checkout on the last date listed..

What is double occupancy and single occupancy lodging?
  • All-inclusive rates include double occupancy lodging, meaning that we will have two participants per room in most cases.If you do not specify a roommate, you will be assigned a roommate of the same gender
  • In the off-season (late October-May), participants may choose to upgrade to single occupancy lodging for an additional $50 per night. Guarantee single occupancy lodging by paying the single occupancy upgrade.
  • During our busy summer seasons, late June-July and late September-early October, participants who register alone should expect to have a roommate assigned to their room. In some limited circumstances, a single occupancy upgrade will be available at $100 per night.
What is the difference between a room with private bath, a room with semi-private or shared bath, and a room with communal/dorm bath?
  • Private refers to the type of bathroom, not single occupancy
    • Private: There is a bathroom in that one room that is not shared between or with any other rooms.
    • Semi-private/shared: There is a bathroom in between two rooms that is shared by the occupants of the two rooms.
    • Communal/dorm: There is a communal bathroom/showers in the lodging building (or in a proximate building, for some upper mesa dorm rooms), and participants will need to exit their room to reach these facilities.


  • Jacqueline Kocer
    Jacqueline Kocer

    Jacqueline Kocer is a native New Mexican with interests both in the American Southwest and the Great Plains. Working under the direction of Dr. Patricia Crown she received her Master’s from the University of New Mexico in 2014 and is currently working on her Doctoral research on Gallina (A.D. 1100-1300) ceramic production practices in northwestern New Mexico. Her interests have focused on projectile points, faunal remain and diagnostic material remains from Gallina sites, presently curated in numerous New Mexico museum collections. Jacque has archaeological survey and mapping experience in Chaco Canyon and had the opportunity to excavate Room 28 in Pueblo Bonito. Jacque is also an enrolled member of the Oglala Lakota Nation and has worked on Plains Village Tradition sites near Pine Ridge. Also on the Northern Plains, Kocer has worked on a Clovis cache site in southwestern North Dakota with Dr. Bruce Huckell. Recently, Jacque has conducted extensive excavations at the Hartley Mammoth site, documenting, and allowing for the preservation of multiple Columbian mammoth specimens.

  • John Hayden
    John Hayden

    John Hayden of Tijeras, New Mexico, is a retired forest ranger who knows the natural and human history of Northern New Mexico like few others. He shares his love for God through appreciation of His creation and creatures.

  • Maisie Morris
    Maisie Morris

    After retiring from the business world, Maisie became interested in Archaeology. From 1986 to 1991, Maisie worked in various field excavations, including work in California, New Mexico and Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California. Maisie found an interest in what became of the artifacts and therefore found archival work in museums. Maisie has worked with San Diego History Center Photo Collection since1993, and historic archaeological collections at SDSU and Fort Guijarros Museum Foundation, where she was the Archaeology Lab Supervisor from 1994 to 2012. In 1995, Maisie started leading the lab component of the Ghost Ranch Summer Archaeology Seminar. She enjoys this very much and looks forward to each new year of discovery.

  • Thaddeus Liebert
    Thaddeus Liebert

    Thaddeus Liebert received his Master’s in Public Archaeology in 2016 with Dr. Bruce Huckell at the University of New Mexico. He has worked on numerous projects throughout the west, with a specific interest in hunter-gatherer archaeology in the southwest. Thaddeus has extensive experience recording and/or excavating high elevation Ute and Apache hunting camps as well as Archaic and Paleoindian sites spanning southern Arizona and New Mexico to the Great Basin and Northern Plains. These undertakings have resulted in numerous CRM reports and academic pieces. His most recent misadventures with the Office of Contract Archeology at the University of New Mexico have consisted of numerous surveys within the Middle Rio Grande Valley and the Valles Caldera; as well as the documentation of Archaic and Paleoindian occupations in the Southern Tularosa Basin.


Jul 12 2020 - Jul 18 2020


Arrival & Departure Dates - Check-in & Check-out times
3:00 pm - 9:00 am


$775.00 - $1,540.00
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Abiquiu Inn

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