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Photo Encaustic – G201023

Painting with encaustic medium is an ancient art form that is used by painters, collage artists, crafters and, more recently, photographers. In this course, we will learn how melted beeswax and damar resin is used by photographers to create mixed-media pieces on wood panels. Encaustic works grow gradually and develop their own history. Fusing layer after layer of beeswax on photographs from home and around the ranch can produce a rich alchemy of color, texture and depth to create something new and often unexpected. Photos can also be transferred into painted wax backgrounds for an ethereal look. Add pigment, collage papers, ephemera and gestural mark-making. Playing with wax is a good way to discover your own style and voice, which can be quite different from your photographic look. Encaustic is forgiving. You can melt it off and start over. We’ll work together to learn the basics of printing, paper, panels, mounting techniques, encaustic pouring and painting. This course will cover set up, supplies and tools needed for a safe encaustic practice.
While not a photography course we will go on photo excursions on and off the ranch. I am an expert in photoshop and mobile editing for landscape photography and will work with students on these techniques as requested. In the morning, we’ll work on our encaustic panels. Most afternoons the studio will be open for students to experiment and practice. Also, the Ranch has a lot of offerings students might want to explore and some days we’ll visit great vistas nearby. Some evenings I’ll demonstrate photo editing techniques that can add richness and complexity to images. Early in the week, we’ll print our images for the next day. Each student will finish four small pieces on panels during the week. The course is designed for all levels and all materials will be provided. This is a chance, before you buy anything, to find out if photo encaustic is for you.
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  • Carol Mell
    Carol Mell

    Carol Mell is a fine art photographer and digital artist who received her Bachelor of Fine Art in Dance from The Juilliard School in New York City, New York and currently lives and works in Taos, New Mexico. Originally from Oregon, she has lived in the Southwest including the Navajo Nation and along the Arizona-Mexico border. Mell’s painterly landscape photography is in two New Mexico galleries, and some are on exhibition in New York, Florida, and Colorado.

    With her training as a dancer and choreographer, Carol Mell infuses energy and spirit into her digital landscape photography by combining slow shutter speeds with camera movement in what she calls a “camera dance.” Having grown up in the large landscapes of the West, she considers the trees, rivers, mountains, and big sky to be familial characters in her life’s journey. Her innovative camera techniques produce vibrant color images of nature that invoke mood, presence, and spiritual interconnection. She prints her photographs on fine art and metallicized paper, canvas, and aluminum.


Oct 11 2020 - Oct 17 2020


Arrival & Departure Dates - Check-in & Check-out times
3:00 pm - 9:00 am


$775.00 - $1,540.00
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