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Improv: Games and Scenes with Jessie Gray – G230741

Improv is the theatrical craft of making up scenes and games as they are happening. Take this fast and deep dive to learn improv skills that will not only make you an improv player, but will enhance your home and work life, too.

  • Become a better listener and take your time responding
  • Think on your feet with confidence
  • Judge less and worry less about being judged
  • Tune up your instincts
  • Stay in the moment without worrying about the outcome

Then practice those skills with other people, and try (and fail and try again) to create fantastical slices of life that will delight and astound you. We’ll play in a world of relationships, characters, environment, and action to tell unscripted stories that no one of us could create on our own.

This is a unique opportunity to express yourself, play freely, laugh large, and develop real improv chops. NO experience necessary but experienced improvisors will get a great deal from this class, too. You’ll be guided by a seasoned improviser and down-to-earth coach who will give you direct instructions and honest feedback to expedite your journey.

“Official” Short Form class takes place in the mornings and “bonus” Long Form class is available in the afternoons (no additional cost). The class will include a performance opportunity so you can integrate the audience experience. (You may also choose not to perform.)

Lodging options (includes meals)
Private Room $1021
Dorm Room (communal bath) $646
Camping $396

*Lodging cost applies to first person only.


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What is the difference between a room with private bath, a room with semi-private or shared bath, and a room with communal/dorm bath?

Private bath refers to the type of bathroom, not single occupancy

Private Bath Room: There is a bathroom in that one room that is not shared between or with any other rooms. The highest rate tier of Ghost Ranch lodging.

Semi-private/shared: There is a bathroom between two rooms that is shared by the occupants of the two adjoining sleeping rooms. These rooms will only be used as family or group suites, not to be shared by unknown neighbors as in the past.

Communal/dorm: There is a communal bathroom/shower in the lodging building and participants will need to exit their room to reach these facilities.

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  • Jessie Gray
    Jessie Gray

    Jessie Gray has over 35 years of theatrical credits from coast-to-coast as an actor, director, producer and choreographer. She’s the founder of Flying Pig Improv in Wichita, KS, and she’s the current Improv & Theater Games Instructor at Wichita State University. Prior to moving back to Wichita in 2018, she lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 25 years. After intensive study, she taught improv classes and directed house teams at Pan Theater in Oakland. She was also a regular performing troupe member of Awkward Face there, and Flash Mob Musical Improv in San Francisco.


Jul 23 - 28 2023



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