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VIRTUAL: For the Love of Photography

Grow in confidence with your photography as you sharpen old skills and learn new skills with photographer and instructor Sandy Kaplan.

The first week of class (3 sessions) will be dedicated to learning how to take your DSLR off the automatic setting and work completely on the manual settings.

The second week of class (3 sessions) we will take our knowledge and begin making wonderful photos with our new knowledge; not just taking the photos automatic settings give us.

(6) 2-hour session (total of 12 hours)
Mondays, April 5 & 12 (5-7pm MT)
Wednesdays, April 7 & 14 (5-7pm MT)
Saturdays April 10 & 17 (10am-Noon MT)
This workshop is limited to 12 participants.
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  • Sandra Kaplan
    Sandra Kaplan

    Sandra Kaplan is a professional photographer whose work has developed over 40 years. Her work reflects light, shade and color that dazzles, excites, provokes and inspires her students and collectors alike. Her knowledge and love affair with the camera allows her to go where others fear to tread. Her gifts include not only an eye for beauty, but also the urge to experiment, creating exquisite images that delight the senses and evoke deep passion within the viewer.

    She was born in Chicago, raised in Los Angeles and lived or traveled the globe as much as she can and will for the rest of her life. She now lives in Colorado. She is represented by The Ann Korologos Art Gallery in Basalt, Co. and has taught photography in Door County, Wisc., The Red Brick Center for the Arts in Aspen, Co. an annex to The Aspen Art Museum, and for several years has taught continuing education classes at Colorado Mountain College, Co. Of teaching she confesses, “It is the most excitement I’ve ever known, watching students come to life, coming to love the camera and the sheer joy of what it can do.”

    Her journey began in Hollywood, California in the late 60’s, and she was the first woman allowed into the film industry as a photographer on set. Her work continued in Paris, France in the 70’s covering the major fashion houses and magazines of Europe, gaining a reputation as a “Fashion Photographer”.

    Later, Hollywood called her back again leading to work at Columbia Pictures, Warner Brothers and Paramount Studios, photographing some of the biggest stars, producers and directors of the era. Many of her photographs remain the timeless images of Hollywood’s most famous. She says of her portrait photography, “I never set out to simply take a photo, creating an image is my mission.”

    Since 1996 Kaplan’s journey and expertise came to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado seeking her freedom to experiment. As an artist, her cameras became her paintbrushes and produced results beyond even her own expectations. Her shows in Colorado and New York have made her work sought after by collectors. Now, with a gift such as hers, her natural evolution is to share, to teach.


Apr 05 - 17 2021

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