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What is Double Occupancy Lodging

1) What is double occupancy lodging?

  • All of our 2015 workshop all-inclusive rates include double occupancy lodging, meaningbthat we will have two participants per room in most cases.
  • In the off-season (late October-May), participants may choose to upgrade to single occupancy lodging for an additional $50 per night. It is also possible that a roommate will not be assigned to a room during the off-season due to fewer registrations, although please, do not count on this happening. The only way to guarantee single occupancy lodging is to pay the single occupancy upgrade.
  • During our busy summer seasons (late June, July and late September-early October), participants who register alone should expect to have a roommate assigned to their room. In some limited circumstances, a single occupancy upgrade will be available.
  • The first two people in a room will pay the full all-inclusive packaged price based on the lodging tier they have selected. This is the same whether two people register together or if two people register separately and are placed in the same room. See #9 for more details about discounts for parties of three or more sharing the same room.
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