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What is the Rest & Recreation schedule for my week?

Our Rest & Recreation (R&R) package allows individuals to partake in the beauty and peaceful nature of the Ranch at their own pace and as they choose. We offer several activities:

  • Summer: During the summer, we have several scheduled options for R&R guests during the week. Most of the R&R-only activities will occur in the mornings. Activities just for R&R guests might include a waterfront experience on Abiquiu Lake, a special yoga session and/or guided art activity. R&R guests may also participate in one Outdoor Adventure activity as part of their tuition (archery, guided hike, climbing wall). There is a lot happening at the Ranch during the summer and there are many activities to choose from during these R&R weeks. We encourage participants to pick and choose as they please and not feel overwhelmed with the offerings. The schedule is meant to support guests as they decide how they would like to rest and explore.
  • Off-season: The off-season at the Ranch (late October-May) is quiet and calmer than the summer months. There are fewer scheduled activities provided for R&R participants and more space for participants to enjoy the peace and beauty of the Ranch’s surroundings. Options for R&R might include a guided hike and a Georgia O’Keeffe landscape tour. Access to the Ghost Ranch museums is free for R&R guests and they always have access to our four major hiking trails, library, labyrinth and Medicine Waterwheel.
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