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Meals Fees

Are meals included in the price listed for workshop registration?

Yes, meals are included in the all-inclusive rates for rooms with private baths, shared baths (semi-private rooms) and communal baths (dorm-style lodging). There are a few rates that are not all-inclusive.

  •  Commuters are participants who are not staying in Ranch lodging. They pay 60% of the all-inclusive private rate for a course. This price includes lunch and dinner. Breakfast is not included, but commuters may purchase breakfast for an additional $10 per breakfast. Tickets for breakfast may be purchased at the Welcome Center or in front of the Dining Hall during meal times (during the summer and fall season).
  • Campers – We find that many of our participants who choose to camp also choose to make some or most of their meals at their campsite. We do not include meals in the camping price to allow guests the opportunity to choose what is most appropriate for them in terms of how often they would like to eat at the Dining Hall. Those who are camping have several options:
    • They may choose not to purchase any meals in the Dining Hall
    • They may purchase meals individually either at the Welcome Center prior to the meal or at the Dining Hall during the meal (during summer and fall seasons).
    • They may pre-purchase all of their meals for the week for an additional fee.
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