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Caroline Rackley

Caroline Rackley is a professional weaver.  For 45 years she has explored numerous textile avenues, trained apprentices, taught historic textile techniques and has conducted Creative Art Workshops with children. Her textile work is found in many private

Joseph Rael

Joseph Rael is widely regarded as one of the great Native American holy men of our time. In 1983 Joseph had the vision to build a Sound Peace chamber, a kiva-like structure where people of

Nina Rao

Nina Rao learned traditional chants (bhajans) from her grandfather in a village in south India when she nine years old. The chants quietly stayed with her until she rediscovered chanting with Krishna Das in New

Larry Rasmussen

Larry Rasmussen is Reinhold Niebuhr Professor Emeritus, Union Theological Seminary and author of the award-winning volume Earth-Honoring Faith: Religious Ethics in a New Key. He is the organizer of Ghost Ranch’s decade project on Earth-honoring Faith. 

Meredith Rawls

Meredith Rawls is an astronomer from the Pacific Northwest who is completing her Astronomy PhD at New Mexico State University in 2016. She believes everyone deserves the opportunity to reconnect with the night sky. Meredith also holds bachelor's

Jim Reale

Jim Reale has been teaching contemplative practices since 1995. He first traveled to India in 1996 and has returned there on numerous occasions to continue his studies integrating eastern wisdom practices into western spirituality. Within

Elizabeth I. Rechter

The Rev. Elizabeth I. Rechter has been an Episcopal priest serving in parish ministry since 1991.  She is an experienced teacher and retreat leader, and currently serves as the Executive Director of Stillpoint: the Center

Lucille Reilly

Lucille Reilly is a performer, improviser, instructor, church-resource musician and award-winning hammered dulcimer player and autoharpist, with hundreds of hymns and fiddle tunes within her being, alongside many hymnals and tune books in her personal

Camille Rendal

Camille Rendal has an MFA from New Mexico State University. She has been teaching art to high school and adult college students for thirty years. Currently she is head of the art department at Front

Rebecca Reyes

Rebecca Reyes grew up in Texas and currently lives in Durham, North Carolina. She received an M.Div. from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and in 1979 was ordained as the first Hispanic woman in the Presbyterian

Bonnie Rich

Bonnie Rich received her Spiritual Director training and certificate in 2005 from Mercy Center, Colorado Springs, CO.  She is currently a Spiritual Director at St. Michaels' and All Angels Episcopal Church in Albuquerque; was involved

Dr. Jose Rivera

José Rivera is a research scholar at the Center for Regional Studies, University of New Mexico, and professor of planning at the School of Architecture and Planning.  His research interests include common property resources, the culture

Estavan Roache

Estavan Roache

Steve Roache

Estaban Roache has been a ceramic artist and teacher for 38 years, graduating in 1982 with an MFA from the University of Washington. In 1983, he established ARUBA Pottery & Tileworks to promote the use

Alison Robbenhaar

Alison Robbenhaar is a plein air painter. She works in the impressionist style, drawing information from the beauty of the New Mexican landscape. In recent years she has been doing small watercolor sketches, bringing them

Wendy Robertson Fyfe

Wendy, is an Artisan of Cultural Renaissance. Stemming from her own wild experiences she is passionate about inviting humans to enter larger imaginings of ourselves towards moving into deeper places and senses of ourselves and

Katherine Robertson-Pilling

Katherine Robertson-Pilling is passionate about the creative process as a way of life. Through decades of research and personal life experience, she has mapped 12 stages of the creative process in a framework she calls

Jay Rock

Jay T. Rock grew up in a secular home within a multi-religious extended family. His first intentional foray into interreligious relations came when helping to organize a hunger walk in Stockton, CA, in 1976, while

Billie Rogers

Billie Rogers is a former educator from Southern California. Billie, who also enjoys singing and writing, was a high school counselor. She has been coming to Ghost Ranch for 20-plus years.

Richard Rohr

Richard Rohr OFM is an American author, spiritual writer, and Franciscan friar based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was ordained to the priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church in 1970. He has been called "one

Carl Rohrs

Carl Rohrs has been a lettering artist and sign painter in Santa Cruz, CA since 1977. He is a teacher of Lettering and Typography and Graphic Design at Cabrillo College since 1984. He has led

Martha Romero

Martha Romero, Kwahtenbay (Rainbow), is from the Pueblo of Nambe. Her mother Rose Alice Garcia-Baca was a creative force in her life and she learned many art forms from her including; jewelry making, pottery making

Adonna Rometo

Dr. Adonna Rometo, a scientist by training and a seeker by nature,  has long been in love with the wild world. After receiving from the University of Arizona, her PhD in Physiological Sciences, with minors in

Charlie Romney-Brown

Cheryl "Charlie" Romney-Brown was born in Salt Lake City, Utah of a founding Mormon Pioneer heritage. In 1976, she returned to school and obtained her B.A. in English from the University of California at Berkeley.

Rose Vigil

Little did she know that her marriage to Eugene would lead to a love of Spanish traditional textiles. She began her study in 1989 with a course taught by Kristina Wilson and Rachel Brown at

Paul Ross

Paul Ross lives to leave. He has garnered multiple awards for their travel articles and has contributed stories and photos to more than 105 magazines, newspapers, blogs and websites.

Nina Ross

Nina Ross has a PhD in the Psychology of Art from Union Institute. Nina has studied with James Hillman and others in the field of Archetypal Psychology. She is a licensed and registered Art Therapist

Deborah Rubin

"Why do I love to teach at Ghost Ranch? Fab students, fab staff, fab food, and FABULOUS scenery!" Deborah Rubin paints in watercolor and occasionally acrylic and gouache. She has been pushing the boundaries of photo-realism

Karen Ruckman

Karen Ruckman is a photographer and educator. She has photographed extensively on Capitol Hill, and worked for a variety of editorial and corporate clients photographing politicians, celebrities, and Nobel laureates for numerous publications. Karen lives

Rumelia Collective

Rumelia Collective is a Santa Fe based core group of three women who play traditional and contemporary music of the Balkans and Eastern Europe. All of the members of the group have studied the traditions

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