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Ghost Ranch Museum Series Archaeology Paleontology Chaco Canyon and Four CornersGhost Ranch is home to two museums; the Florence Hawley Ellis Museum of Anthropology and the Ruth Hall Museum of Paleontology. Both grew because of the rich archaeological sites and dinosaur quarries that exist on the Ranch’s 21,000 acres.

The Ghost Ranch Museums are dedicated to advancing research, education and public engagement in Anthropology, Archeology and Paleontology giving light to the following selection of offerings that will help you learn about and engage in the rich Southwest history that lives within this magical landscape of rock formations and early dwelling places. A few of our excursions will take you off-site to visit other important archaeological areas that surround Ghost Ranch.

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Still- Life Drawing in the Museums - G19102118

Still- Life Drawing in the Museums - G19102118

Workshop ID: G19102118
Dates: October 6 - October 12
Price: $585.00 - $1,540.00

“At the still point, there the dance is.”—T.S. Eliot The still life has been a popular art form for centuries, and this course will deepen your […]

Chacoan World Excursion - G191024

Chacoan World Excursion - G191024

Workshop ID: G1907213CDS
Dates: October 8 - October 12
Price: $675.00 - $1,540.00

Immerse yourself in the Chaco phenomenon- it’s mysteries, it’s ancient asronomical observatories, the Great Kivas of Azrec and Casa Rinconada, and the Great Houses of Pueblo […]

Rio Grande Pueblo Winter Solstice Feasts and Dances - G191241

Rio Grande Pueblo Winter Solstice Feasts and Dances - G191241

Workshop ID: G191241
Dates: December 23 - December 28
Price: $550.00 - $1,285.00

Winter Solstice in the seasonal cycle is the time for the seeds to rest, when the shortest days pass into the longer, when thanks are given […]

Read Comments From Previous Excursion Participants

“Martha (Yates) possesses a unique gift to help people see and experience beyond the common boundaries.” Participant, Four Corners Ancestral Puebloan Excursion Road Trip

“Just THANK YOU. This week will live in mind for many, many years.” Participant, Four Corners Ancestral Puebloan Excursion Road Trip

We are still raving to all our friends about our wonderful tour and thank you again for doing such a great job. Looking forward to our next outing from Ghost Ranch.” Richard and Laurel Morris, Participants in Chacoan World Excursion

Read Comments From Previous Ancient Sites, Ancient Waters Participants

“I am reflecting on a trip I just experienced with Dr. Martha Yates this last week at Ghost Ranch. This is one you cannot miss experiencing with her – Ancient Sites, Ancient Waters. I know you would truly understand the profound depth filled centeredness I felt both spiritually and emotionally on this trip. Confronting my physicality, I experienced a transcending of mind and body. A trip that is life-altering. I exhaustedly tried to capture everything and now have a wealth of substance to draw on. I am occupied with imagery. Martha is a gifted teacher. Thank you for introducing her to me.” Participant, Ancient Sites, Ancient Waters

“My mind is filled with lovely images of extraordinary things. It was a privilege to have explored places experiencing your reverent eye and treasure of knowledge. I feel enriched by that. I have a few paintings started. Lots of reflecting on the powers of water, lava, spirits, energy. Participant, Ancient Sites, Ancient Waters

“I enjoyed the course very much, and learned a lot about the history of the region and its native cultures. Very fascinating.”

“Martha was so kind, thoughtful, and patient with everyone. She made sure everyone had enough water, rain gear, etc. and informed people of difficult hikes, which was good because some of the hikes were too much for some participants. Martha’s knowledge of the subject was exceptional.”

“The instructor, Martha Yates, made this fascinating info. even better with her knowledge, ability to explain concepts in a basic way, and patience with all participants in the class.”

“Every day was different. We saw new wonders and had new experiences each day. I loved the more strenuous hike at Red Dot, however, I was simply in awe of seeing so many petroglyphs in one area at Mesa Prieta. I had no idea anything like that existed! I could go on and on about each day. It was all exciting.”

“I can’t believe I’ll ever have an experience as good as the one this time. Martha was an excellent teacher and set such a positive tone. We made great bonds with each other, laughed a lot, and helped each other as needed. This was all encouraged by Martha. I chose this class because I love being outdoors and hiking. I knew any learning would be a bonus. However, it went beyond my expectations.”

Scroll below the gallery of photos to see the workshop offerings.
Martha Yates photo 1IMG_0222-pointFind-310ChimneyRockGroup-MarthaYatesMarthaYates-IMG-2389-LindsayTaylorIMG_2488_310GhostRanchIMG_2469_LindsayTaylor_310MDY bandelier ladder-Nancy Knutson 2chaco-canyon-dagger-archaeastronomy-3


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