Gifts Of Cash

▼▼A simple, effective way to maximize your deductions

A gift of outright cash provides the largest immediate deduction from your taxable income. It also provides an immediate benefit to Ghost Ranch, allowing us to put your gift to work right away. You can give any amount, although it is important to know that the IRS allows you to claim up to 60% of your adjusted gross income (AGI) in charitable gifts of cash. You may carry the unused portion of any deduction forward for any of the next four years if you choose.

▼▼Benefits to You

  • Simple and fast, minimizes gift planning
  • Provides a full charitable deduction
  • Maximizes your deduction

▼▼Next Steps

Contact us to talk more specifically about options and benefits:

Suzy May
Director of Development

Thank you for considering this gift!

The gift descriptions are for informational purposes and are not legal or tax advice. To ensure that this gift fits your particular circumstances and planning, please consult with your professional advisers.

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