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Ghost Ranch Staff Directory

505.685.1000 or 877.804.4678

Our friendly staff strives to provide the best in hospitality. Staff members are listed here by name and position.

  • Some numbers are direct lines. If an extension is shown, enter the four-digit extension at any time after the main answering message begins.
  • Dial 0 for the Welcome Center Staff.
    280 Private Drive 1708, Abiquiu NM 87510

Executive Director & Funds Development
Arriving October 2019 Paul Fogg, Executive Director, 505.685.1000,

Mary Martinez, Chief Operating Officer & Fund Development Manager, 505.685.1005,

Delfina Hernandez, Executive Assistant/Fund Development Coordinator, 505.685.1000 ext. 4182,

Guest Services

Front Desk / Dial 0 for the Welcome Center Staff

Cindy Garcia, Conference Services Associate Director,  505.685.4881 or ext. 4242

Amy Wheeler, Front Office Manager, 505.685.1000, ext. 4106,

Evelyn Leyba, Reservation Associate, 505.685.1001 or ext. 4155,

Gina Maestas, Reservation Associate, 505.685.1017,

Kelly Skinner, IT Officer/Manager on Duty, 505.685.1020,

Clorinda Leyba, Events Coordinator, 505.685.1009 or ext. 4177,

Taylor Hallett, Events Coordinator, 505.685.1019,

Shannon Baker, Events Coordinator, 505.685.4881,

Peter Mosey, Hospitality Manager, 505.658.1000 ext. 4190,

Christian Emerson, Hospitality Associate, 505.685.4798 or ext. 4708,

Henry Drake, Hospitality Associate, 505.685.1000 ext. 0,

Event and Business Development Staff

Stephen Picha, Business Development Associate Director, 505.280.1860,

Ben Ahern Wild, Program Development Coordinator, 505.322.7470,

Diane Anderson, Program Development Coordinator, 505.358.0083,

Faith Community Liaison

Ghost Ranch Museums
Gretchen Gürtler, Museum Director, 505.685.1000, ext. 4130,

Tours & Guest Opportunities

Karen Butts, Tours & Activities Manager, 505.685.1016  or 505.685.1000, ext. 4120,

Wendy Davis, Tour Guide, 505.685.1020 or 505.685.1000, ext. 4172,

Trading Post & Retail Operations

505.685.1013 or 505.685.1000,ext. 4107,  or 

Business Office

Krystal Garcia, Treasury & Payroll Supervisor, ext. 4104,

Director of Facilities
Daniel Manzanares, 505.685.1010 or 505.685.1000, ext. 4198, mobile 575.405.9652

Marketing & Communications

Anna Maria Gonzales, Marketing & Communications Director, 505.231.1705,

Kate Daley, Marketing Coordinator,

Amy Hulse, Marketing Coordinator,

Ghost Ranch Volunteer Librarian, ext. 4109,

Maria Herrera, Housekeeping Manager, ext. 4141,

Food Services

Nathaniel Herrera, Food & Beverage Manager, 505.685.1008, 

Maintenance, Ranchlands and Farm
Sabino Salazar, Facilities Manager, ext. 4114,

Environmental Management
Benny Lujan, Recycling, ext. 4164,

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