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Service Descriptions

In addition to a specific summer assignment, all college program positions will assist permanent staff with resetting the ranch between major weeks. This includes tasks such as cleaning meeting spaces, organizing chairs and tables, cleaning rooms and other various needs.

College Program participants will also help during the Sunday weekly Ranch check-in times, assisting guests with finding their rooms, checking into their program, registering for activities, and generally welcoming the new group of participants each week.

Summer Positions

Ranch Service Agent: Ghost Ranch is a large and complex facility that caters to tens of thousands of guests each summer. The Ranch Service Agents are tasked with a myriad of responsibilities across three departments; hospitality, housekeeping and dining hall. Six people will rotate in pairs among the three departments as needed. They will assist with the general functions of each department and will learn about complex organizational operations while demonstrating a service leadership model for all.

Essential duties include:

  • Coordinating interdepartmental responsibilities and time management
  • Assist with departments as needed
  • Demonstrate service leadership with excitement to participate
  • Maintain clean work and recreational area
  • Other duties as assigned

Children and Youth Program Counselors: We run eight consecutive weekly programs for youth who are visiting the Ranch with their parents or who are the children of Ghost Ranch staff members. Youth Programming participants range from 2 to 18 years old. We form four age groups of children and youth and meet with them every morning, Monday through Friday, from 8:30am until noon and again in the evening from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Counselors plan meaningful curriculum with appropriate activities, crafts, and games for each day. As part of the curriculum, counselors might take appropriate age groups to the high and low ropes courses, children’s room at the library, or to our paleontology and anthropology museums. Each week there will also be a few counselors with our Youth Service Corps groups (middle and senior high youth plus adult chaperones). All youth counselors will also rotate in and out of our Cantina/Snack Bar.

Preference for these positions will be given to applicants who have particular interest, experience and/or vocational plans to work as teachers and youth leaders. Lifeguard certification is also preferred. Special training opportunities will be scheduled for the first week on the Ranch, including lesson planning, developmental education, environmental and cultural resources of the Ranch and the Ranch’s religious/philosophical values.

Essential duties include:

  • Planning and leading meaningful programming for youth ages 3-18 in the mornings and evenings
  • Supervising children on outdoor adventure activities (guided hikes, waterfront activities, high ropes course, etc)
  • Assisting with Youth Service Corps groups when necessary (performing service on and off the Ranch, leading reflections in the evenings)
  • Occasionally participating in campout with older youth on Friday nights (until Saturday morning)
  • Planning and leading an all-Ranch youth activity on Saturday evening following the Saturday evening end-of-week show and celebration
  • Cleaning Youth Programming classrooms and play areas on a regular basis
  • Occasionally assisting in the Youth Programming cantina area (for one week at a time)
  • Other duties as assigned

Program Administrative Assisant: Ghost Ranch Administrative Assistants will work in three primary areas; Museums, Library and Communications. This team will work together to assist with the overall functions of these areas. They will rotate between each department as needed.

Essential duties include:

  • Museums duties: Helping operate the front desk. Welcoming visitors and showing them what the museums have to offer. Maintaining a clean work area. Helping curate special projects for ranch staff. Work with staff facilitating casting molds, painting pottery and childrens bone digs for youth and school groups.
  • Library duties: Helping operate the front desk. Welcoming visitors and showing them what the library has to offer. Maintaining a clean work area. Helping with special projects and cataloging as assigned. Working with library staff to improve overall library offering. Plan special afternoon library offerings and lectures for ranch guests to attend.
  • Communications duties: weekly updates of readerboards on events and activities. Generating a weekly document of offerings. Working with various ranch departments to ensure high degree of communication accuracy.
  • Assist Program Development Coordinator as needed.
  • Other duties as assigned

Housekeeping and Hospitality Industry: This person will be involved in assisting the Housekeeping and Hospitality departments. They will work with our housekeeping manager and Operations Director to learn the Ghost Ranch hospitality industry model. This work will focus on day to day operations with opportunities to learn about management, property management systems software and other facets relevant to the hospitality industry today.

Essential duties include:

  • Cleaning meeting spaces between uses
  • Preparation of meeting spaces for outside groups, weddings and courses
  • Resetting rooms between guest stays
  • Working with housekeeping management to learn trade skills
  • Assist housekeeping management as needed
  • Other duties as assigned

Outdoor Adventures Assistants: (Ropes course certification required in advance) The Outdoor Adventures assistants will collaborate with the Outdoor Activities Coordinator and Youth Programming Coordinator to lead adventures courses for adults and children, high and low ropes facilitation, hikes, and waterfront activities.

Essential duties include:

  • Leading Day Pass and Program guests on guided hikes, archery and climbing wall activities
  • Leading Youth Programming and Youth Service Corps participants on Outdoor Adventure activities (high ropes, low ropes, guided hikes, archery, climbing wall)
  • Collaborating with the Outdoor Adventure Coordinator to create new outdoor adventure activities for youth and adult guests
  • Promoting outdoor activities to day guests and program guests and members of local communities
  • Assisting with scheduling of outdoor activities from groups, programs and day Ranch visitors
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of Outdoor Adventure areas (low ropes shed, high ropes area, waterfront shed, etc)
  • Other duties as assigned

Youth Service Corps assistants: Sustainability/Youth Service Corps assistants assist the Sustainability Coordinator on all of Ghost Ranch’s environmental efforts as well as help lead groups of youth in service at the Ranch as part of the Youth Service Corps program. The four main areas pertaining to Sustainability on the Ranch are farming, compost, recycling, and sustainability initiatives. The Youth Service Corps Assistant will also be responsible for directing individual high school students and/or church youth groups as they perform service projects around the Ranch and in the community. The ideal candidates will have some background in carpentry or sustainability and will be able to lead and assist the service projects around the Ranch and with local organizations; these projects often include building, trail maintenance, and landscaping.

Essential duties include:

  • Assisting Sustainability Coordinator with gardening and landscaping tasks (weeding, watering, planting, pruning, construction, painting, harvesting, etc)
  • Promoting Sustainability initiatives to Ranch guests and work to independently develop new initiatives, as desired
  • Identifying and leading service projects for youth groups on the Ranch with the help of the Youth Service Corps leader and the Sustainability Coordinator
  • Helping maintain the inventory of Ghost Ranch tools at the farm and in the Youth Service Corps shed
  • Coordinating with Youth Service Corps groups before their arrival and during their time at the Ranch
  • Assisting with Ranch trash, compost and recycling collection
  • Other duties as assigned

Culinary Assistant: This person will help the Ghost Ranch Dining Hall with operation functions. They will work with the Food and Beverage Manager and Food and Beverage Assistant Manager to learn about industrial kitchen management and cooking. They will work with dining hall staff to prepare meals, serve them and clean afterwards.

Essential duties include:

  • Meal preparation, attending to the serving line and cleaning as needed
  • Assisting the Food and Beverage Manager and Food and Beverage Assistant Manager as needed
  • Researching regional foods and new cuisine to prepare
  • Launching new food campaigns for guests with various dietary restrictions (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free etc)
  • Other duties as assigned

Preference is given to applicants that have the following certifications and/or interests: 

  • Challenge course- low and high ropes
  • Paddlesports
  • Wilderness
  • First aid
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Culinary Arts
  • Yoga

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