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Congratulations to Ghost Ranch’s 2020 Calendar Contest Winner!

Thank you to all who submitted photos for our calendar contest!

The Ghost Ranch 2020 photo contest winner is a striking photo by Bill Arneson, Pedernal from Blackie’s Cabin. It is the cover image.

Monthly images include Ghost Ranch Cabin Landscape by Lynn Clauer, Infrared Photo of Chimney Rock by Jeff Stovall, Gerald’s Tree by Dave Wilson, Rainbow Over Dining Hall by Robert Kerr, Cholla & Cerro Pedernal by Brent Funderburk, Mesa Lake by William Helms, Red Hills, Blue Skies by Erin Brubaker, Ghost Ranch by Moonlight by Mark Kagan, Sunrise Over Pedernal by Robert Kerr, Sunrise Over Chimney Rock by Janet Maes Gagliano, Fence Line to Pedernal by Bill Arneson, December Morning by Mary Sickbert, and Tumbleweed View and Corral by Rebecca Gregory.

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