Wild Christ, Wild Earth, Wild Self

A Nature Based Introduction to Seminary of the Wild

Join us on an experiential, nature-based journey of apprenticeship into the wild mysteries of the kingdom of God.

We'll see you in the high desert of New Mexico in 

one of the most unique landscapes. Amidst the 

red rocks and yellow cliffs of Ghost Ranch join in one of two spirit-filled adventure and learning opportunities.

Location - Ghost Ranch

Ghost Ranch

Sunday, October 20 to Thursday, October 24

with special guests Rev. Richard Rohr and 

Geneen Marie Haugen 

Please note: As of 8/22/19, only communal lodging is available for this program. Please contact Abiquiu Inn or local B&Bs for additional housing options.

Go Outside to Go Inside

This is your invitation into a deeper participation in the restoration of the world, tikkun olam, while immersed in the high desert landscape of Ghost Ranch. During this time of deep cultural unraveling, find ways to reconnect to the natural world as a person of faith for a more soul-infused life.

Leave Your Computer and Church Building Behind

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone on the progressive threshold of ecology and spirituality connected in some way with the Christ Tradition

What to Expect

  •  Each day will include a variety of teaching, self-reflection and journaling, group dialogue or council, creative expression, multiple solo wanders on the land, embodied movement, dreamwork, creative art expression, deep imaginal journeys, and ceremony, as well as optional workshops. Seminary of the Wild guides will lead nature-based practices and guided invitations to facilitate deeply transformative experiences for participants, supported in smaller group cohorts by trained facilitators.

Check-In 3:00pm-5:30 pm

Dinner 5:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m.

Orientation to the land and retreat center led by Ghost Ranch staff | Opening keynote with Brian McLaren | Program orientation with the Seminary of the Wild founders. 



Wild Christ: Reclaiming the Wild Roots of the Christian Story Morning keynote with Brian McLaren. We will explore the historical narrative of the Christian church in collusion with both empire and culture, supporting the domestication of our original wildness. 



Wild Earth: Participating in Sacred Relationship with Earth Tuesday keynote with Michael Dowd. Explore the themes of incarnation and erotic embodiment, deep communion, and the re-enchantment of Earth. 



Wild Self: Clarifying a Sense of Your Deep Purpose Wednesday morning will begin with a keynote from Victoria Loorz. Explore our own hidden wholeness, the “treasure hidden in the field” of the Self.



Wild Gratitude: Communal Ritual/Commitment to Self, Earth, Christ (finish by 10 am) What to Remember When Waking: Seminary of the Wild Founders and Staff. Close with a morning wander offering gratitude to the land and ceremony.



Offered in Partnership with Seminary of the Wild

Seminary of the Wild 

  • Victoria Loorz
  • Bryan Smith
  • Brian Stafford
  • Matt Syrdal

Founding Members

Embodying the Journey of the Wild Christ in Renewing the World

"The mission of Seminary of the Wild is to equip leaders in the Christ Tradition through nature-based experiences and supportive community to

  • Reclaim the Wild roots of the Christian story; 
  • Clarify a sense of deeper purpose; 
  • Embody an authentic identity as a unique gift to the world
  • and to Cultivate a Sacred relationship with Earth."

Meet October Keynote Speakers

Fr. Richard Rohr

an American author, spiritual writer, and Franciscan friar based in Albuquerque, New Mexico--he has been called “one of the most popular spirituality authors and speakers in the world.” His mission is to produce compassionate and powerfully learned individuals who will work for positive change in the world based on awareness of our common union with God and all beings.

Geneen Marie Haugen, PhD

an author and guide to the experiential, intertwined mysteries of nature and psyche with the Animas Valley Institute. She is on the faculty of the Esalen Institute, Schumacher College, and the Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality. The wild Earth has been her mysterious, magical, and mossy-rooted companion and teacher.